Solar Provider: 180 Degrees Solar

Name: 180 Degrees Solar

441 Meeting St Suite #221, Charleston, SC 29403

City: Charleston

State: South Carolina

Zip: 29403


We’re not your typical solar company, but an ‘Energy Efficiency Lifestyle Brand’ helping property owners become more efficient & take their homes & businesses Off GRID! Every structure with a power source is connected to a grid owned by a power co. Connection to the grid is how you receive energy, but what if you reversed the flow? Send & sell power back to the utility instead of always buying it! The cost of doing nothing is too high! Stop paying rate increases, facility fees, demand charges, & whatever else your utility bills you for! Take back control of the power! By going solar, you REALLOCATE the money you ALREADY PAY each month renting energy, & start owning it! No upfront costs or fees! Y’all quit overpaying for energy, we’ll help!