Solar Provider: Belmont Solar

Name: Belmont Solar

3376 Harvest Dr, Gordonville, PA 17529

City: Gordonville

State: Pennsylvania

Zip: 17529


Belmont Solar installs three primary types of solar panel systems: off-grid, hybrid grid-interactive, and grid-tied systems. They have installed solar panel power systems in homes and businesses in south-central PA since 2002. They also sell solar panel kits and system parts. They can extend existing systems, and they offer schedule battery maintenance services in the Lancaster and Dauphin county area. Solar power can supply electric power 24/7 to remote locations such as hunting cabins, bunkers, off-grid homes or lodges, and outbuildings. Solar panel systems are noiseless and low-maintenance. Visit their website to learn how solar panels can provide power to your home or business without the power company.