Solar Provider: KW Solar

Name: KW Solar

5750 N Sam Houston Pkwy E STE 810, Houston, TX 77032

City: Houston

State: Texas

Zip: 77032


We put solar panels on roofs...pretty straightforward. We like energy independence, sound economics, and a cleaner future. We like the simplicity of photovoltaics. But most of all, we just think it’s rad to generate electricity from sunshine.

Founded in Houston, KW Solar serves all the major markets in the state of Texas. We're a turnkey fulfillment and installation company, which means we design the systems, obtain the permits, procure the materials and equipment, climb the ladders, and turn the screws.

We are a purpose-driven company that believes in doing well by doing good. We foster goodwill with the market, and build up our people to find joy and fulfillment in their work. It's highly probable that you'll love working with us...