Solar Provider: Smart Wave Solar

Name: Smart Wave Solar

14553 S 790 W Suite C, Bluffdale, UT 84065

City: Bluffdale

State: Utah

Zip: 84065


Most solar systems stop working when the power goes out. Our systems work even when the grid is down. We’re not just about saving you money, we will provide you peace of mind. A Smart Wave Solar system will provide you with secure, reliable power in all conditions. We focus on quality and integrity. We use top of the line solar panels and components that come with a 25 year production warranty. And, even though we offer a superior product, we still charge less than other companies through our low price guarantee. There are no upfront costs. You simply pay a low monthly fee that is less than you currently pay for electricity. With Smart Wave Solar you can save money, be prepared, and protect the environment by producing clean solar power.