Solar Provider: SolarGuru Energy – Cambridge Solar Panel Company

Name: SolarGuru Energy – Cambridge Solar Panel Company

101 Fayerweather St, Cambridge, MA 02138

City: Cambridge

State: Massachusetts

Zip: 02138


SolarGuru Cambridge installs environmentally-friendly energy solutions at the best available prices. Large solar companies are known to tell potential solar adopters that their roofs are too difficult or that they can offset only a small portion of their electric usage with renewable energy. Far too often these companies' profits are tied to quick and easy energy solutions that don't allow time for customized designs and craftsmanship. The personal customer experience we provide is unique to each and every project. We design and develop customized energy solutions to fit your specific needs and budget, saving you the most money on electric bills. We believe there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solar system. Let us help you!