Solar Provider: Syntek Solar Company

Name: Syntek Solar Company

4232 D, Lee Hwy, Warrenton, VA 20187

City: Warrenton

State: Virginia

Zip: 20187


Syntek Teaches People How To Lower Their Electric Bill By Using Our Knowledge Of Energy Savings, And Professionally Designing A Custom REC Solar Panel System In Warrenton, Virginia.
Syntek provides solar panels for homeowners just like you in Warrenotn Virginia and surrounding areas. Clever homeowners, potential buyers, and appraisers know that solar panels and battery storage can increase your home’s value on the real estate market.
As a solar company and solar installer specialist, we offer full a solar panel installation package that allows you to live more independently, save money, and reduce your environmental impact. By harnessing your own power and building a sustainable system, you can avoid the rising costs of energy inflation.